My thoughts on the whole ‘Sing It For Skye’ business

you know, even if this whole Skye Story is fake, the reason that so many people have reblogged/trended/posted about it is because we can EASILY imagine something like that REALLY happening. So many fans of so many artists deal with so much shit all the time, enough to affect them in such a way that they could do anything from hating to have to go to school all the way to taking their own life. Like, it’s just music, I don’t see why me listening to My Chemical Romance makes me a worse person than someone else, just like I don’t think that listening to Justin Beiber or The Jonas Brothers makes anyone less of a human being.

When I was in 9th Grade, the Black Parade dropped, and I identified with it, not just because it was the new album from my favorite band, but because I was going through some hardships, still dealing with my fathers death. I put that album on, and I felt like someone FINALLY understood. I wore all black, I found army-style jackets, I wore black eyeshadow all around my eyes. It was nice to feel like I belonged somewhere, because I DEFINITELY didn’t feel that at my new school.

To make a long story a bit shorter (I’m famous for rambling), I was teased. Bullied. Picked on every day. I sat alone at lunch, I had no friends, people made fun of me. It got so bad that even one of my teachers responded to my plea for help with a snarky “I thought you were going to ‘Carry On?’” 

It got so bad that I had to change schools in the middle of the year.

My point is that, even if there is no truth in this story, I’m still going to write ‘Sing It For Skye,’ because to me, it’s not just about Skye. It’s about every single person who has ever been made to feel that they are less of a person for liking a certain type of music. The people who have been teased, or bullied, or beaten up. It means so much more for me. There should never be this amount of hate for other human beings over something so trivial. We all have different things that speak to us, and every human on this planet has something to deal with, they don’t need the added stress of being told that they’re wrong for something as simple as musical taste, or the clothes they wear.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the subject, have a nice day.

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